Token Utility and Details

The $FIFTY token will be used to mint our NFT collections. Upon the mint transaction, the token is burned, and the liquidity remains in the pool. Non-token holders minting 5150 NFTs with ETH will result in a buy of $FIFTY token, which immediately burns and the liquidity goes towards the pool, forever.

If you like the art, you can support us by simply holding the token. Every minted item results in higher value for token holders.

NFTs and building an Ecosystem

The NFT and ERC market needs a sustainable model. We believe we’ve found it. There will be copycats, inevitably, but we will be the first. In addition to the minting utility of our token, top holders will have a governance vote into our curated collections in the future.

The 5150 marketplace will be the most exclusive curated NFT gallery there is.


Total Supply: 5.1 Billion

Total Fee (Slippage): 8%

Initial Liquidity: 5 ETH

Liquidity Lock: 1 Year

Coin Details

Address: 0xf7dd746a613fb6362d44ecedeb743f62ade6c3aa View on Etherscan

Exchange: Uniswap

Contract: Verified

Fair Launch

Wallet Limit: 2.5% Supply

Period: Expired

Tx Limit: 2% Supply

Period: Expired