Complete: 5150 First Edition Finals

Marking the closing of the First Edition which results in a full printed book, and bundled as an NFT with never before seen double page artwork.  Details on minting will be included inside the physical reproduction.

In Development: Marketplace

The FIFTYONEFIFTY marketplace will provide peer-to-peer direct NFT trading and access to featured NFT auctions. Closed Beta access and closed chat will be provided to FIAT NFT holders, with collectible airdrops and UI previews coming soon in October.

NFT Release: FIAT Series

The FIAT Series is a limited supply, uniquely numbered and individually stamped  NFT series that will enable NFT holders to receive payouts from reproduction sales, as well as provide early access to the 5150 Marketplace, a private feedback forum, and exclusive collectible airdrops.

NFT Release: 5150 Series

The 5150 Series is a periodic release of high-quality, poster format NFTs which will be available for authorized reproduction physical printing.  Sales from physical reproductions will be shared with the NFT holder, when holding any FIAT Series NFT.

Pending: CoinMarketCap Listing

FIFTYONEFIFTY has submitted for listing on CoinMarketCap.

Complete: Safe Solidity Code Review

FIFTY Token receives 100% Safe Solidity Score.

Complete: Coingecko Listing

FIFTYONEFIFTY is now featured on Coingecko.

Complete: $FIFTY Token Live on Uniswap

FIFTY is now live trading on Uniswap.

NFT Release: 5.1 Series

The 5150 5.1 Series is a collection of 5 NFT’s, which each represent a 1% stake of the future ERC-20 5150 token. Proceeds towards liquidity, upon launch the addresses which own each NFT will be dropped their proportional share of the supply.